Habitat Restoration

Currently Habitat restoration is set for June on Paintsville Lake, we will post that date as soon as it is available. Habitat is a key component for management of black bass populations. Largemouth bass seek protective cover such as logs, rocks, rock ledges, weeds, and other man made structures. Many lakes are aging and are losing some of the natural structure that was available when the lake was impounded. Due to the age it is imperative that man intervene with structure to help preserve the game fish populations in many of our lakes.

The structure we plan to build consists of multiple materials. Firstly we plan to build habitat from pallets, concrete, cinder blocks and pipe as pictured below. We have written multiple grants with the goal of building "Georgia Cubes" or "Shelbyville Cubes" as we have seen successfully used across the country. We believe this structure based on data provided is the best for the money available. This structure holds fish as shown in the livescope views below and also limits snags for young anglers. These cubes can be constructed for approximately $57 each.

Completed Shelbyville Cube with Labels Photo and Jigs_MASTER.pdf